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The international party connoisseur: battle of the cities part 1

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

A battle royal of the clubbing experiences I have had in 4 different continents across the globe, this is part 1 of a 3 part series.

First contestant


If you haven’t been to Harlem, you haven’t been to Tokyo, and I’m not talking about Harlem in New York. Harlem is one of Tokyo’s most popular clubbing destinations among urban (and especially black) youth. This club is quite literally known at home and abroad as the “Holy land of hip-hop.” It is known for its laidback, friendly vibes, dope music, and the rules which permit smoking inside of the club- which is a tourist attraction in itself. Within about 3 hours of landing in Japan after a 12-hour flight, I found myself on the doorsteps of Harlem. This club is particularly significant, as it really highlights how imbued the Japanese youth is with hip hop culture. With the added Asian twist the night feels like a beautiful fusion of something of a line of commonality between black and Asian culture.

More to come on how Japan is the Asian Black Heaven

Up Next!


There are two different sides to California I experienced, life in the unassuming, quaint little city of Santa Barbara and life in the thriving metropolis of LA.

From 2016- 2017 I studied at the University of California, Santa Barbara and lived on Isla vista. You may come across this phrase sometimes amongst students:

“I’m here because UCSB is ranked as the 7th highest public university in the country.”

Honestly, since day one I’ve found this to be a pretty funny way of saying:

Daygers, pre-games and house parties are pretty much a way of life. Everything is a cause for celebration at UCSB, with Deltopia and I.V Halloween being staple events for the lives of fellow Gauchos.

Upon arrival you may be under the impression that fraternity groups rule the roost, however, this is really not the case. For my very first exposure to a California house party, I was invited to a fraternity date night event by a frat brother. The night started out with drinking a cocktail mixture of whatever could be found from whatever room in the house. It is courtesy for the male to serve the drink, I quickly realized that my glass always happened to be a lot more full. I secretly swapped our drinks around, and within an hour, my once handsome, well put together date was projectile vomiting all over the house. Aside from the tricksters, UCSB has been one of my best experiences.

Imagine living in a house overlooking the North pacific sea, getting dressed to go house- hopping in a college town where a vibe can be found 24/7. This really is the location to live your best youthful life.

Drive down to LA and the story is quite different. Now LA is somewhere you go to party if you have money, like to stunt or if you’re somebody. For the regular Joe’s and Joetta’s like me, you'd better know a promoter, have a “cousin” who knows somebody, or be prepared to make it to the club at 11 pm on the dot to be let in. The last time me and my friends arrived late to Bootsy Bellows at 11.40 pm, as soon as we saw Tristan Thompson (Khloe Kardashians “ex” boyfriend) walk in, we knew we wouldn’t have a chance.

Partying amongst the rich and famous is part of everyday life in LA. In the more intimate locations, like Project Club LA, you will find yourself rubbing shoulders amongst the stars.

Down the road, at more VIP destinations like Playhouse, it is more of a find-someone-with-a-$1000-table type vibe. Just don’t dance on the tables, security is hot out there.

Hollywood clubs definitely live up to their name of expecting the best of the best, and there is always, ALWAYS a mansion after-party in the hills.

You better be dressed to impress, as you never know where the night may lead.

Next up on the battle royal tour includes London, Bali, and Rio.

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Alex Clark
Alex Clark
Mar 17, 2022

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