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The great conjunction: good news for your travel blues!

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

This STILL can be an exciting and amazing year, ironic right ?

By December 2020 ‘The great conjunction’ will commence! This happens once every 20 years as a result of Saturn and Jupiter’s orbital periods reaching a conjunction. Jupiter’s orbital period is 12 years and for Saturn it is 30. This year however is particularly important as the conjunction is concurrent with the end of a 200 year cycle of both planets meeting in earth zodiac houses. This will stimulate a massive period of rebirth and change as both planets transit in Aquarius- an air sign. This signifies the transformation from the influences of an earth sign associated with: stability, practicality and resistance to change, to the influences of an air sign associated with: curiosity, disruption of establishment and change. This will kick-off a period of immense reformation and overhaul, the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and explore your nomadic spirit!

Trust me it’s coming, a transformative period for all of us!

Summed up perfectly in Vedic Oracle - although Jupiter will be in debilitation, Saturn (positioned in its own sign Capricorn) will bring the determination and power to reorganise life plans in order to bring about success.

Saturn will trigger the energy of discipline to manifest the goals associated with Jupiter.

Think of it this way

Jupiter influences the energy of: a larger than life presence, prosperity, growth, expansionism, philosophical exploration, luck, a desire to travel.

Saturn will be in its own sign for this conjunction and therefore will influence the energies of ambition to get things done, discipline and hard work.

Both planets will work together in this period to bring life changing opportunities, a desire to find your true purpose and the drive to succeed!

So, you’re asking: “What does this mean for Mind over Matter travels?” I’ll tell you!

Jupiter is the key to defining this brand through its representation of expansionism as the “Zodiac’s traveller” . This is exactly the journey I wish to take you on! As a Sagittarius (ruled under Jupiter) we tend to do a great job at pushing people out of their comfort zones, kindling the fire of exploration and desire to travel the world (true to our fire element nature). As runners, thinkers and doers - nothing holds us back . Let this Saggie lead the way, let Mind over Matter travels pave the way!

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